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[twenty things for my twentieth year]

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It’s a new decade!!:).


20 while I’m 20:

1. Build a kite.

2. Learn to play chess.

3. Be a consistent member of the “8 o’clock club.” (wondering what this is? go here)

4. Learn to play golf.

5. Embrace my desire to be creative and actually grow in my artistic abilities (painting, poetry, jewelry-making, music, new crafts, etc.)

6. Learn to change a tire.

7. Shoot a real gun.

8. Stick with my commitments. I’m trying to eliminate my flaky-ness. (maybe “don’t over-commit myself” should go here, too. gotta set myself up for success.)

9. Go camping.

10. Study prayer in the Bible.

11. Keep up with this blog.

12. Go to at least 1 (of each) play, musical, orchestra concert, ballet, fun concert, and something else creative/random.

13. Finish at least 10 books, not for school.

14. Delete and stay off Facebook (a step toward #17).

15. Make a budget and STICK TO IT. Come on, self control.

16. Write an encouraging note/letter/email (texts don’t count) to at least one of my friends every day.

17. Stop comparing myself to other people. Remember who I am as a daughter of the Lord and run to Jesus for my worth and comfort. Be defined by who I am as a new creation in Christ, not who I appear to be on the outside or who others perceive me to be.

18. Try to have more of a regular sleep schedule…. (will help #3).

19. Love my family well: make more of an effort to stay connected despite the distance and care for them, pray for them, and encourage them.

20. Go to class. (skipping is only allowed if I’m out of town or extremely sick…. no more skipping class to sunbathe. got it?)

hello, twenty. :)


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