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I’m sure all of you know this, but for those of you who may have forgotten, I work for Campus Activities Board (CAB) at school. That means I get to plan some campus-wide activities that I will most likely share on here afterwards! Last semester I made floats for the homecoming parade (check out the pictures below… the quality isn’t that good, but that’s the best my phone can do:)). This semester so far I have orchestrated Gotcha! and March Madness. I’m currently working on the Easter event and Wonderful Wednesday (with Kelly and Helen).

4 of us CAB members wore these in the parade last fall!!

Anyway, March Madness has finally come to a close… and, while I’ve enjoyed it, I am GLAD it is over. I made a giant bracket on a wall in our student center, and it was quite some work keeping up with that thing during the first couple rounds! It isn’t that exciting, but I thought I’d share some pictures so I can at least document my work:)


Just a few rounds in..

Last round!


There you go!


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