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for the most wonderful mother:

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happy mother’s day, mom:).

i’m sorry that i am not sitting next to you to today to celebrate with you… please know that I’m thinking of you and that I am SO thankful for you.

This is my mom:

When my mom loves, she loves strong and she loves well.
She loves.
She loves puzzles,
(cheating if she has to),
and spider solitaire.

She loves strong.
Strong she loves God,
her husband, her son,
her daughter, and
her dog.

She loves well.
Well she loves her job,
gardening, laughing,
good wedding
cake, and
being chauffeured around town by
one of us kids.

She loves well.
Well she loves me.
She loves me strong and she loves me so well.

you have truly been the best mother I could ever ask for. Thank you for teaching me to love other people, to be polite, and how to find a good bargain:). Thank you for bringing me to church, encouraging me to sing, and pushing me to be a leader. Thank you for believing in me no matter what I set my heart on, and thank you for always listening to me. Thank you for taking an interest in anything I do and helping me pursue those dreams. Thank you for letting me make decisions, like going away for college, and letting me grow up.

God, thank you for blessing me with such an incredible woman to live with, learn from, and look up to. Thank you for giving her life through knowing you, and for blessing her with my dad as her husband, who also has new life through you. May the rest of her years be fruitful in her relationship with you, as well as her relationships with Dad, Nick, and me. May you continue to grow her and conform her into your Son’s image. May her desire for you and depth of knowledge of you continue to multiply, and may the gospel be a truth to which she holds tighter and tighter as each year passes. May you become her greatest joy, and may that joy contagiously infect everyone around her. God, thank you so much for my mom!!

Mom, you have been the most influential woman in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being my mom for the last 20 years, and thank you for becoming my best friend over those years, as well. You are so special to me.

I love you, always.


One thought on “for the most wonderful mother:

  1. beautiful words. Amen to mom austin.

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