a directed heart

a glimpse inside

my summer room


Well, in case you are wondering where I’m living, here are some pictures! Here’s a glimpse into what part of my days look like! I’m excited to be in JC… here’s where I live:

This was taken from the door of my room! Here's my bed and table/desk thing:)

This was taken in front of my closet... you can see my other table thing:)

Here's what's on my table! I haven't really done much to decorate anything because I'm not here for long and it's not really my room to decorate:) But I love it and it's definitely a cozy place to live:) I'm very thankful.

And the other side of the room. Of course the coat rack... I kept it for the summer so I can paint it to match my new room at school for the fall!

And my closet.

 Okay, now that you’ve seen every corner of my room, you can effectively picture me in it!:) It’s a pretty fun place to live. I’m so thankful that the Johnsons opened up their home to me for the summer! They are a such blessing. #Thankful:)


2 thoughts on “my summer room

  1. Lauren, your room is so adorable! Thanks for postin’ (: I hope your invested time is blessed in Tennesse and with the people surrounding you! How is it so far for you?

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