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Happy Father’s Day!! We are in Florida today for Jeremy’s wedding, and I am SO SO SO THANKFUL to be spending Father’s day with you:). What a blessing! Dad, I want you to know that I love you so much, and I am so thankful God blessed me with such a wonderful father. Thank you for all the ways you have sacrificed for me… for providing the means to buy and keep a horse for 6 years, for providing all the clothing, food, and gas I could ever need, for sitting and playing guitar while I sing with you for hours, for practicing guitar for hours by yourself so we could perform together, for recording tracks that I could sing with when you weren’t able to perform with me, for making me endless amounts of chocolate chip pancakes, for putting up with the dog you didn’t even want (at first!:)), for sending me to the college I wanted to attend (despite the price), and for letting me grow up, even if that means being a little far away for the time being. Thank you for providing even when I forget to say thank you or show you appreciation.

Daddy, your life is a huge picture of grace to me. Thank you for loving Jesus and loving your family like Jesus loves. I am indebted to you, dad.

This picture was taken about a year ago. Dad and I played at a Marina on Norris Lake while we were on vacation... performing with Dad is one of my favorite things to do:).

This picture was taken yesterday at my cousin's wedding... Mom and Dad are coming up on their 25th wedding anniversary!

Here's to you, Daddy. I am so thankful for you!!


2 thoughts on “daddy’s little girl

  1. This rocks. Lauren, you kick butt. Your dad does, too. I remember him from when I was 15-16 years old (almost 30 years ago!), and he was a cool cat way back then, too. Lucky you! (and lucky him!)

  2. Thanks for the Love my precious pea! … I don’t think you’ve ever missed an opportunity to thank me (you’re just special that way – as you are many other ways as well). Believe me – I’ve thanked the Lord over and over again that he chose me to be your father! It was a great week spending time with you.
    Love – Dad

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