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Castillo de San Marcos


We took a break from the sun this evening and drove back to St. Augustine to explore the town. We stopped at a popular attraction, the Castillo de San Marcos, a fort from the 1700’s! It’s actually a national monument and it’s the only existing 17th century fort in America!! Click the link above if you’re interested in learning more:) Here are some pictures from our excursion:

In case you actually want to know what this thing is about...

The fort is so neat!! It looks like a mini-castle; it even has a mote area in the front of it (pictured later).

You can see part of the mote area behind mom and dad.

The entrance into the fort! They give tours of the inside (you even see places where they tortured people!!), but we arrived too late and it was already closed inside. (Note the canons at the top of the fort!)

So we continued exploring the outside.

(The structure pictured above this picture)

The pretty view from the back of the fort.

As much as I anticipated a lack of interest in the history of St. Augustine, I really enjoyed our little tour and would love to go back to see the inside! We’ll see if we make it out there another day this week. Until then, we’ll be at the pool:).


3 thoughts on “Castillo de San Marcos

  1. you and your mother share clothes the way tank and I do. #digTheNewLayout

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