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We’re engaged!!


We went to Myrtle Beach with Jacob’s family last week, and he asked me to marry him on June 30:). I am very excited to spend the next months planning our wedding, but, much more than that, I’m ready for a time of growth and refinement with my fiance.

Father, make us more like your son. May this time in our lives be centered on you and bathed in the gospel. Sanctify us through each other and teach us of your love for us. Ultimately, Jesus, you are our Bridegroom and we are your Bride… may our wedding and our marriage be a reflection of that truth. May our sights be set on you more than anything or anyone else, including each other. Humble us to take counsel from people wiser and more experienced than we are… we have much to learn. Father, thank you for Jacob! Prepare me to be a godly wife for him. Teach me and lead me in the gospel. I love you, Father. Thank you for the freedom we have through Christ! Today I’m remembering and praising you for that truth. Amen.




6 thoughts on “We’re engaged!!

  1. Congrats! If your looking for a wedding photographer, I’m here!

  2. I am blown away!!!!!!! congratulations Lauren!! :)

  3. Hey by the way…congratulations! That is so exciting! YAY!

  4. Congratulations! You look so happy in your photo!

    I hate to sound like I’m spam, because I swear I’m not.. :) I’m an intern at a wedding video company called Storymix Media and we’re having a contest for brides to be who are bloggers. I realize you JUST got engaged, but I think you can never plan too early! The winner gets a free 3 camera package and a few other goodies. I don’t want to fill up your comment box with all the details (cuz there’s a lot!), email me caitlin@storymixmedia.com and I’ll fill you in!

    Thanks and congrats again!


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