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2011 in a large nutshell

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January: I turned 20! Some of my friends from OH surprised me and came to visit. They coordinated with Jacob to distract me and keep me busy all night until they arrived and I was so surprised!

February: My mom came to visit for Family weekend and met Jacob’s family for the first time! Jacob, Teresa (his mom), my mom, and I all went to see Milligan’s production of Treasure Island. I traveled to PCTC (Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention) with Milligan at the end of the month and made my first-ever sewing project in the van on the way there.

March: Lauren McInturff traveled home with me for spring break, Jacob and I visited Asheville one Saturday, and Redeemer moved into the King Center building in downtown JC. I left at the end of the month to travel to Mountain Christian Church to speak at a fundraising dinner for Milligan.

April: The whole campus celebrated Wonderful Wednesday (a surprise day with no class and tons of entertainment) and Jacob traveled to OH with me for Easter break!

May: I kicked off the start of summer break by heading to Lakeland, FL with Mosby. We relaxed, hung out by the pool, and enjoyed some rest and good books!

After vacation with Mosby, I got to hang out with great friends in Ohio and celebrate the marriage of Kevin and Jen Martin on May 20.

Jacob helped me build a kite at the end of May… something from my 20 while I’m 20 list. We had a blast and even tried flying it afterwards. There was absolutely ZERO wind, though, so the attempt looked like me running around his backyard with the kite, letting it go, and watching it fall straight to the grass. We did get a lot of great laughs out of it, though.


I moved in with a family from church for the summer and started waitressing at Firehouse Restaurant in June.

My parents and I traveled to Florida in mid-June for my cousin’s wedding and we stayed for a week to make it a vacation! What a refreshing week with my family. This picture was taken at the Castillo de San Marcos.

Right when I returned, Jacob and I left for vacation with his family at Myrtle Beach. We tried to fly our kite but the wind destroyed it.

Little did I know that Jacob planned to propose while we were at the beach! He asked me on June 30 and I said yes!


Immediately after our vacation at Myrtle Beach, we headed out for a weekend of camping… my first camping excursion (also on my 20 while I’m 20 list)! It looks like I’m doing well in this picture, but we discovered that camping is not really my thing… thank you for taking such great care of me, Jacob:).

Jacob turned 21 in July. He was VERY excited about his present, even though he guessed it because I’m a practical gift-giver and he is just plain smart:)


Mom and Dad threw us a surprise engagement party with both of my parents’ sides of the family in August when we visited. My cousin-in-law Lisa made this awesome sign for us!

Jacob and I got a couch in August!

Jacob helped me move everything into my dorm room and even stayed to take down/put up blinds and get the couch situated while I was at training all day (how nice is that??).

I started work as an RA this year. We took staff pictures when we got together for training in early August. All the other students moved in mid-August and I hit the ground running to kick off my junior year. Jacob and I also started our 13-week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class toward the end of the month.

September: A lot of school happened this month, as well as a couple Res Life programs.

Jacob and I traveled to Knoxville on a whim one Wednesday night to hear Jon Acuff (the author of Stuff Christians Like and Quitter) speak. It was funny, forming, and a great adventure for us:).

October: My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary!

Jacob and I traveled to OH for a wedding in late October. On the way home we met Meg and Abbie at Starbucks for some quick hang time. One of the few times this year I got to spend time with those girls.

Sarah came to visit Milligan for the first time in late October… it was such a treat to spend some encouraging time with that girl.

Sarah visited during Homecoming weekend, so she got the full Milligan experience, to say the least. This picture is from the Homecoming parade… Milligan’s new president Bill Greer and his wife Edwina are pictured above.

I had the honor of speaking at President Bill Greer’s Inauguration Dinner later that week, and it was so fun to get all dressed up with Jacob! We both had to buy some new clothes, but it was a great excuse to have a fancy date!!

November: My brother Nick turned 18 this month and Jacob and I started meeting with the Magnesses for premarital counseling! We are very excited to continue learning from them and preparing for our marriage!

 After a rough day at school one week, Jacob treated me to Starbucks! This is a notable event because Jacob hates coffee… and did you notice there are two in this picture??? He got himself one because he said he’s trying to like and appreciate what I like and appreciate (Caramel Brulee Latte in this case)…. I’m not sure it worked, but I sure thought it was sweet!

December: Christmas party after Christmas party! Jacob and I went to the Chickfila Christmas party and hung out with his coworkers for a couple hours the first Sunday in December.

And I celebrated Christmas with my fellow Hart RA’s with a crafty Christmas exchange!

Jacob and I visited Bristol’s famous Motor Speedway in Lights for the first time together (my first time ever)! It was a blast and was definitely worth $10.

And after lots of papers and finals, Jacob and I traveled home for some Austin family time over Christmas break. He stayed for a few days at the beginning and the end of break and I stayed for about 2 weeks. That time was consumed with catching up with family and making wedding plans! Woo hoo!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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