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21 for my 21st

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Well, it’s another year! I had a WONDERFUL birthday yesterday, thanks to Jacob!:) Thanks for making me feel so loved and cared about… you are so so special to me. :)

I started making yearly lists for my birthday last year and it turned out to be a really fun thing. I went camping, started sewing, played disc golf, built a kite, and read lots of great books! Hopefully this year will be just as exciting and filled with new things. I’ve already got a jump start on learning to play chess (carried over from last year’s list), since Jacob got me a chess set for my birthday!

Anyway, here is this year’s list:

1. Go without chocolate. (Yes, for the entire year. Developing self control/discipline/also just enjoying a serious challenge)

2. Get married!! (Date set: June 16!)

3. Pray for my marriage with Jacob every day.

4. Finish the Bible-in-a-year plan that I started in December 2011.

5. Finish the quilt I started last August. I’m about halfway finished at this point… it’s only taken me about a year to get this far ;).

6. Read 11 (hopefully) good books.

7. Learn to crochet.

8. Play guitar more often.

9. Exercise at least 4 days a week, every week.

10. Work on memorizing Scripture. 

11. Set aside and protect my Sabbath day every week.

12. Grow in looking into MYSELF to see my own sin rather than pointing my finger elsewhere.  Grow in repentance.

13. Learn something about gardens and flowers.

14. Stop complaining. Be quick to encourage, much slower to be negative.

15. Pursue ministry intentionally.

16. Get into a regular sleep/awake schedule in order to make rest a priority and give my body a routine. (Bed 11:30, 8am wake up.. or something along that line)

17. Write more.

18.  Take my new bike out and ride ride ride!!!

Goals that have carried over from last year’s list:

19. Learn to play chess

20. Learn to change a tire.

21. Shoot a real gun.



One thought on “21 for my 21st

  1. Aww, glad you had a great 21 Lauren! Is it too late to wiah you happy birthday?! And good job keeping up with your 20 while 20:)

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