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No Wonder My Life is Out of Whack

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I spend more time taking in the “noise” of the world (aka Twitter/ Facebook/ Pinterest/ Blog-Reading) than taking in God’s Word. No wonder I feel out of balance, unfocused, and suffocated by worldy delights.

Eric Samuel Timm shook Milligan College’s chapel today by calling us out on a problem we know too well: we spend so much time eating up what the world says and then wonder why we don’t know anything about God. Not a revolutionary idea, but an impactful one nonetheless.

His call to get in the Word partnered with actually reading the Word during lunch today pretty much kicked me in the stomach. I read Matthew 18:21-35 and had to face the facts. Who am I to have ANY right to hold a grudge? Against anyone?

I don’t.

Not when God has forgiven me infinitely more than I have forgiven anyone. Not when my wrongs against God, which I commit every day, have been wiped clean because of Jesus’ clean slate. No, God didn’t hold a grudge. Instead he sacrificed his own son to make right MY wrongs against him. How backwards is that to the way I think of grudges?!

God, thank you thank you thank you for mercy. Thank you for loving me steadfastly even though I haven’t read my Bible in a week. Thank you for loving me steadfastly even though I forget about you and spend more time thinking about the shape of my body than the shape of my heart. Thank you for loving me steadfastly and prickling my heart with convictions that lead me into repentance. Thank you for your Word, which sheds light onto you, your nature, and your desires for us. I love you, Father. I need you, Father.


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