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Monday Thankfuls

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It’s early Tuesday now, but I’ve spent a good amount of time today (Monday) thinking about why I’m thankful. Joy is something I’m trying to grow in this year… separating my joy from rising and falling only relative to my circumstances and instead learning to find joy in the Creator. Since Mondays have to be the most complained-about day of the week, I thought I’d make a tradition out of Monday Thankfuls. Here’s to remembering and celebrating the little ways God draws us into him.

1. Wearing shorts & a tee shirt every day this week, feeling the sun beating on my bare arms: glorious. God, you’re waking up my slumbering heart with the springtime sunshine and warm breeze.

2. Jacob smiling and waving at me through the door to the kitchen at Chickfila today, even though I was beyond mean to him yesterday and in no way deserved that kind of greeting. Jacob, thank you for looking at me through the gospel lens, loving me through my impatience and selfishness, and forgiving me. Lord, thank you for Jacob.

3. Friendships that flourish with encouragement, honesty, and acceptance. So, so thankful, ladies.


One thought on “Monday Thankfuls

  1. amen dear friend:)

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