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I Quit Something This Week

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Yep, I quit my resolve not to eat chocolate for a year.

I lasted one day short of two months, and then I told Jacob I wanted to quit. I wasn’t facing a delicious looking brownie, or even craving a Dove Chocolate Bar… Nope, we were picking out cake flavors to sample for our wedding. And you know what? I want to sample my own wedding cake. And I want to eat my own wedding cake at my wedding! When am I ever going to have the opportunity to do that again?

So, that’s right folks, you can cross #1 right off my “Twenty-One-For-My-Twenty-First” List.

Now I can enjoy things like…

…..but not too much of them:).

I’m satisfied with my two month break from chocolate. It was surprisingly easier than I thought, but how much can I say since I did just quit?

I didn’t make it a year, but, sometimes I’m simply over ambitious.

Hope you all are enjoying the little things in life, like chocolate, too!


One thought on “I Quit Something This Week

  1. Now we can eat chocolate while we hang out in your room again!

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