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Sewage Redeemed

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My lab science class traveled to the Water & Waste Treatment Plant in Elizabethton, TN today. It was interesting (and smelly) to say the least. We spent about an hour and a half touring the plant… here are some photos from the day:


I was surprised at the complexity of the whole water cleaning process. This is moderately gross to think about, but it’s also extremely interesting: the water that comes into the plant is basically sewage from our households mixed with rainwater and anything we put down the drain, but the water that leaves is clean and ready to be treated to come back INTO our houses for drinking water, etc.

Isn’t that crazy?

Cool stuff. Today I’m thankful for technology. As Dr. Leek would say, this technology keeps us from being swallowed up by our own waste. Disgusting? Yes. But also very true and very necessary.

Thanks for bearing with me through this post. We’re visiting the animal shelter during our next lab class, which will make for a much less disgusting post and precious pictures of kittens:).


One thought on “Sewage Redeemed

  1. that group picture is CLASSICCCCCCCCC

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