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Here’s a glimpse into my Friday night:

We had a canvas painting night Thursday in my dorm, so I started on the “J” canvas that night. Since painting & drawing aren’t my forte AT ALL, instead I took pieces of scrapbook paper and mod podged them onto the canvas to create this collage look!

I got these letters from Michael’s for $1.99 each Friday afternoon and painted them the same color I painted the middle canvas (Light Ivory).

I mod podged this letter with the same paper I used on the canvas… mod podging a letter was surprisingly difficult!

I still need to spray the canvases with a clear sealant to prevent pealing and glue the letters on, but I’m very pleased with the turnout.

I also got these cute flowers from the scrapbooking section in Michael’s for $1.99.

I hot glued them onto barrette clips (like the one above), so now I have some cute hair clips! All in all (with my 20% off coupon), I spent $8 on all of these projects combined!

Needless to say, my Friday night was a night of crafty crafty fun…. so it was awesome.


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