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A Marvelous Day


Marvelous Monday had everyone out of class & climbing trees yesterday (literally), but my favorite part was trying Chickfila’s new desserts!

Jacob and I got a cookie sundae and a brownie sundae to share, and boy were they tasty!

Please notice the sunburn developing on my arm. I don’t remember the last time I got sunburned this badly. I looked like a tomato (and still have some redness leftover today to rock).


Jacob pretended like he wasn’t super excited to spend time with me AND eat sundaes… what a faker.

There we go. The real excitement comes out. Look at that smile.


Thank you Marvelous Monday staff for making yesterday so marvelous. Skipping class makes any day marvelous enough, but we enjoyed laughing at our friends trying to walk on water in big plastic gerbil-looking balls, climbing trees, and attempting to chug a gallon of milk in an hour. The last part was disgusting, but for some reason people find that stuff entertaining?

Sadly, today is back to real life again: class and work this evening. On the bright side, only 8 more days of class before finals! Whoop!


2 thoughts on “A Marvelous Day

  1. That’s such a cool Milligan tradition… OU should take note!

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