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Our Porch & Some Lessons Learned


*Please excuse the chipped paint around the handle… I know it looks slightly ghetto. It’s called character, people.

I know I already posted about missing Jacob and excitedly awaiting his return, but I couldn’t post this adorable Welcome Home banner in case he happened to read my blog on his way home from Orlando… so here it is!:). I was so proud of it that I left it up for about 4 days after he returned. I guess I just thought it would be a nice reminder of how much I loved him… but, alas, all good things must come to an end, and it probably seemed weird to the neighbors, whose doors are completely blank. So, instead I took a picture & it will live on forever!

Even though the Welcome Home sign has retired, I’m still delighted with our bright and homey front porch. With the wreath, our fun welcome mat (thanks, Kelly!), and my new potted plant, it’s feeling pretty cheery!

And here are a few Newlywed Lessons I’ve learned thus far:

-A little lemon goes very very much too far. I have learned not to double the amount of lemon called for in the recipe. In fact, I’ve learned just to stay away from lemon in general because today I learned my husband doesn’t even like it! ha!

-Jacob said today that maybe I should give these Pinterest recipes a rest for a while.. so far I’ve been 1 for 3 and I’ve made that 1 twice already.

-Don’t keep flushing the toilet when it is clearly not functioning properly. You will be very angry when it overflows and your husband will still be at work for 6 more hours….

-Even though it’s very fun to bake a lot, it’s a better idea to strategically plan to bake only when having guests over or going to a friend’s house. Eating sweet treats every single night is not a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Our Porch & Some Lessons Learned

  1. Loved laughing with you at this! Love this post! Keep the cuteness and updates coming! Love from Loud!

  2. Oh how I love you dear:) Loving having all these updates! Oh and that banner…too cute!

  3. Lauren, congratulations to you both. When you get a chance send me an email and let me know if the quilt Aunt Karen made and sent you arrived. UPS said it was delivered but just wanted to be sure it wound up in your hands.
    Sorry we had to miss the wedding but Aunt Karen has been having some health issues. Pictures and you are beautiful.
    Love you.

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