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Wedding Part 1: Our Ceremony

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Mom and I (mostly Mom) went to TONS of Tuesday Mornings to get 16 of these purple votives for the aisle. I went with her to maybe 3 of them…and I’m pretty sure she went to something like 8 or 9 total. Crazy. A few of my girlfriends helped me put together the flower arrangements in the votives the day before the wedding… it was my first time DIYing flower arrangements, but we had a blast!

We wanted both sides to fill evenly, so we opted to go non-traditional on the seating. We got that picture frame from Michael’s and used Chalkboard paint to paint the glass. The white tins behind the last row of chairs (on both sides of the aisle) held water bottles- with special labels, of course:)-for guests to drink while they waited in the heat. Thank you, Aunt Darlene, for setting out the programs & bubbles on each chair before the ceremony!

This table held the communion that we served during the ceremony. Tommy brought the bread & juice up right before the ceremony started… thanks, Tommy!

Jacob & his dad waiting for the ceremony to get started. (Now you can see the bread and juice in place!)

My brother escorted all the grandmothers, Jacob’s sister, and my mom up the aisle. He was great! Look how handsome he is.

Jacob’s sweet sisters, now my sisters-in-law!

Jacob walked his mother up the aisle.

And then Nick finished escorting with my mother.

Then my sweet brother brought out a huge basket of flower petals and spread them out over the aisle for me…. this part meant a lot to me:)

Then my dad and I start walking. Not from the barn, behind the aisle, as everyone expects… but from the house, across from the pond. And we walk all the way around the pond.. it was nice to have a solid 4 minutes of dad and daughter time. It was also really neat to watch the people watching us and to let my anticipation and excitement build with each step I took closer to my Groom!

My dad giving me away…

One of our favorite things about our ceremony was sharing communion with each other and with each of our guests… it was such a blessing and reminder of the gospel and the Kingdom that is coming to share communion with our fellow believers & followers of Christ. Amen & amen.

We’re husband and wife!

If you didn’t notice, both entering and exiting the ceremony I was so excited I couldn’t remember to keep my flowers down…. the more excited I got, the higher I held them. Oops!:)

And we’re married!!

And there you have it… a zillion pictures of our wedding ceremony! Hang tight for more pictures of pre-wedding prep, reception, guest book “chalkboard” messages, etc.


One thought on “Wedding Part 1: Our Ceremony

  1. I am so sad I could not be there, but so glad for things like blogs so that I feel as if I did go! I love you and I love this wedding! Seeing you so happy is amazing friend:)

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