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Wedding Part 2: Reception

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Oh, hello, Beautiful Big White Tent.

Here’s the setup before anyone got to it!

Thanks for this picture, Becky! I DIYed these centerpieces, both the jar and the arrangement. Thanks to Erica, Sarah, and Christina for putting the arrangements together with me the day before the wedding! We had a blast and they turned out looking great!! (You can also see a customized water bottle from the ceremony on the right!)

The centerpieces said “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things,” from 1 Corinthians 13. We chose this verse because it screams Gospel in every phrase. Yes, weddings are about love, but much more than our love for each other they are about Christ’s love for his Church… and what a great, great love that is! Christ’s love has truly born all things, believed all things, hoped all things, and endured all things for us… and still does every day. May we model our love for each other after His love. Amen & amen.

We had Sweet Tea, Lemonade, and Water…

and pretty lime, lemon, and orange slices for added elegance!

Dorothy Lane Market catered the wedding. We had pasta salads, broccoli salads, fruits and veggies…

…and sandwiches on all different types of cute rolls.

We used this chalkboard that we found at Hobby Lobby for our seating arrangement display! Jacob and I wrote all the names & table numbers the night before the wedding.. when everything was finally pretty set in stone. We loved the hand-made-ness of it!

After searching and searching for a card box I liked, I finally found this cute birdcage! We added some greenery and Leslie made a label, and we were good to go!

We made it through the line with some food, although we didn’t sit down very long to eat much of it!

Thanks for sharing your plate with us, Sarah!:) Here you can see the napkins Jacob so beautifully folded during the few days before the wedding… all 100+ of them! Great job, Jacob! And in the left hand corner you see the wedding favors wrapped in the cute purple paper! We gave our guests personalized playing cards, since we (and both of our families) love to play games so much! My mom and Leslie Sharkey wrapped them all and embellished them… thank you!

And here we are cutting the cake…. after we stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. So maybe we didn’t think ahead… it’s the one area we missed:)

Since we didn’t know what we were doing, we forgot to feed each other at the same time…. oops…

… at least we both get our own picture!

And then we have the toast. This is such a special picture to me.. Jacob holding my hand while Dad hugs me. Thanks for your toast, Dad. We love you!!

And these are the lovely ladies who set everything up the morning of the wedding! So thankful for your hard work–thanks for making everything come together!

And, of course, we had lawn games! Sarah, Carter, Sarah, and Jeremy are out there playing Giant Jenga, hand made by Jacob (with the help of Adam Tomlinson) the week before the wedding!

We also had badminton, bean toss (aka cornhole, but we renamed it for the sake of the wedding), and croquet.

And that’s our reception in a nut shell! We had a blast and felt so loved by our friends & family… thank you to everyone who helped out and who celebrated with us!!

Guestbook pictures up next!!


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