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Wedding Part 4: A Little Behind-the-Scenes

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Okay, this is the end of our wedding series! I hope you all enjoyed feeling like you were there via pictures:). This post is a little “behind the scenes” of SOME of the projects we worked on during the months before the wedding.

Table Number Painting


They started like this…

We bought these from Kirklands, one of my favorite Home Decor stores. We also used them to hold some labels on the food table.

After painting, they looked like this…

Walah! They now match our color scheme… “Rustic Elegance” in Purples, Creams & Browns.



The centerpieces were born one night in May in my room at the Johnson’s house. I knew I wanted a tag like that, but I didn’t know what would be on it. And I had been collecting that jute (the string) for months from Walmart (the only place I could find it… and now I can’t find it anywhere). I had recently bought the lace from Ben Franklin Crafts in Kingsport- like $3 for 5 yards.. crazy, right? I stumbled across this verse in my Bible, this image popped into my mind, and I got out of bed and started working. You can tell from the state of my desk that I wasn’t neat about it. This was the picture I sent to Jacob & my mom to see what they thought… and it was a winner!

Erica, Sarah, Christina, and I put together the centerpiece and aisle arrangements the day before the wedding. I hadn’t ever arranged flowers before, but it was a blast!

Saran Wrap

We covered the tags in saran wrap in order to protect them when we sprayed the flowers… had to keep everything looking sharp before the big day!

And here’s the finished product!

Aisle Arrangements


Dad and Jacob worked for a long time trying to scrape the stickers off of the votive jars.

It was painstaking for them, but entertaining for me and mom.

The next day we DIYed the arrangements at the farm…

… and then they hung beautifully down the aisle!

Guest Gifts


My mom is awesome. She put together these nice gifts for all of our guests who stayed in the hotel during the weekend. Jake and I helped her assemble them on Thursday afternoon.



I designed the programs on my computer in a program called Adobe InDesign… we printed them onto special paper….

….cut each individual page…

…and tied them together with twine!

I was really happy with the finished product… and so excited we made them ourselves from start to finish! The front page consisted of the order of service, we listed the names of everyone who was officially seated during the wedding (grandmas/grandpas, moms, sisters), the usher (Nick), and we had a memory section for our family who couldn’t be with us all on the second page. We had lyrics on the third and fourth pages for the two songs our awesome musician Blake played during communion (Nothing But the Blood & In Christ Alone), and lastly a thank you page for everyone who helped out!

All the while, Jacob was working on the reception playlist!



The cards arrived back in March…

…so we made an afternoon out of unwrapping, labeling, and re-packing the cards!

My mom and Leslie wrapped each and every pack of cards and glued cute embellishments on them all the week of the wedding. So many details.

The wrapped favors added some color to the table… killing two birds with one stone: favors & decoration!

If only I had more pictures to bore you with: us tying ribbons on each of the bubbles, spray painting the glass to make the chalkboard sign for the aisle & Guestbook signs, writing notes to all of our grandparents, Jacob making Giant Jenga (he did take pictures for me… what an awesome husband:)), Jacob folding napkins, us writing the seating arrangement on the chalkboard, etc. Glad I didn’t post those pics? I bet:).

Hope you enjoyed a little behind-the-scenes wedding prep!


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