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Traveling, Weddings, and a Little Throwback

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Welcome to August, everyone! I can’t believe this summer has flown by so quickly. Jacob & I have been doing a LOT of traveling, between our wedding and honeymoon and 3 of our friends getting married after us!! We were in Ohio two weeks ago for Sarah & Jeremy’s wedding, we were just there last weekend for Sarah & Carter’s wedding and Christina’s bridal shower, and we’re going AGAIN this weekend for Christina & Alex’s wedding. We absolutely LOVE seeing our friends get married, but we’re looking forward to a season of less traveling after this weekend:).

Sarah & Jeremy are married!! Excuse the pink picture…. their reception was in this beautiful room with all these pretty lights! It didn’t make for the best pictures on Jacob’s iPhone, but you can still see how great they look!

Me, Abbie, and Sarah with the beautiful bride, Sarah Bishop!! Sarah’s wedding was in this beautiful barn. It was classy and rustic and so, so Sarah!

And just for fun… a few throwback pictures for your enjoyment:)

Sarah, Sarah, and I from our sophomore homecoming dance

Rachel, Emily, Sarah, me, and Abbie at our senior prom. 

Hope you enjoyed that (especially you, Sarah, Sarah, and Abbie:)). One more wedding to go!




One thought on “Traveling, Weddings, and a Little Throwback

  1. Great BOOG…. I mean BLOG. Pretty cool to see it all in summary, documented and glorified! Happy First Year!

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