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Crock Pots & Other Food Related Problems


I was so proud of myself the other morning… I woke up early, made the bed, did some laundry, vacuumed the apartment, spent time in the Word, and got dinner started in the crock pot all before I went to work at 11. Jacob got off work at 3, but I since worked a double, I wouldn’t be home until late… hence, the crock pot meal. I was so excited for him (and proud of myself) to have a dinner mostly prepared already even though I wouldn’t be there! I thought about it periodically at work and I COULDN’T WAIT to taste that crock pot chicken teriyaki! Yum.

What I imagined happening: Coming home to a yummy smelling house (that did happen) and eating delicious food that was cooked to perfection.

What actually happened: When I got home and looked in the crock pot (Jacob had already eaten some), I asked, “Was the chicken this brown when you ate it?” He replied, “Yeah… it was a little dry.” I turned over some carrots only to find the nice orangey color on the top didn’t match the bottom (which was very brown. Yuck)…Oops. I burnt dinner. In the crock pot. I thought that was pretty much impossible… aren’t crock pots fool-proof???

Guess not.



4 thoughts on “Crock Pots & Other Food Related Problems

  1. Nice. They need to have lots of liquid to let ’em go on their own all day like that. The liquid helps to spread the heat out so that it cooks evenly instead of burning the bottom or sides. It also keeps your meats from drying out too much.

  2. My roommate just got a crock pot and she’s cooked some amazing things in there! I have yet to try it, but I’ve been really wanting to. And hey, I messed up mashed potatoes one time. MASHED POTATOES, how do you do that?? Ha.

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