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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

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-This picture of me I found from Nick’s graduation.

So cute. Great photo skills, Nick! You really captured my good side;)

-Waking up the other morning very confused as to where I was. I was in my bed… but in my dreams I was in a whole different realm. Like a princess realm. Guess I’ve been watching too much “Once Upon a Time…” :)

-Watching two people going opposite directions try to fit through a door frame at the same time. Hilarious.

-When Jacob and I have to use the bathroom at the same time, in our one bed, one bath apt. Also hilarious.

-Walking up to a table at work to find a 50 year old woman dressed as a straight up fairy, crazy makeup and all. Do I ask or do I act like normal???


-Scoring a clearance chair ($70 instead of $199!!!!) and 5 clearance pillows for the living room! This place is starting to feel so homey! Thank you TJ Maxx (chair) and Target (pillows)!!

-Receiving two great surprise packages from Mom! We now have our first fall decoration and some yummy supplies for a meal next week:)

-Sitting on the couch with Jake last night laughing our heads off at pictures of cats on Pinterest.

Case in point.

That’s serious quality time right there.

-My iphone shipped yesterday and will be here any day now!! Whoop whoop!

(Awkward & Awesome is an idea borrowed from Sydney @ The Daybook)


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