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Things that are Hilarious and Simultaneously Terrible

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-Jacob bringing home a bag full of Chick-fil-a cookies. So good and, yes, so very terrible. Every day is another day to make the wrong choice. Again.

-Looking through the blinds every time I hear a car between the hours of 11-2:30, hoping to see the mail truck. Then the mail lady FINALLY shows up, so I anxiously check the blinds every 6 seconds to see if she’s moved on to our mailbox. When I thought she was gone, I opened the door and prepared to sprint to our box when I realized she stopped RIGHT before our box to deliver a package to someone’s doorstep. AKA our box was still empty. So I walked the walk of shame back through our door and sat back down at my post on the couch to watch her until she left. Literally as soon as she pulled away I opened the door and ran to our box, smiling like a child on Christmas morning.

Sadly, every part of that story was 100% true. I was even smiling when I ran…

And all that excitement for… prepare yourself… my iphone case. I know, it’s a pretty small thing. Literally. It was $14… cheap-o, but I was still that excited none-the-less. Oh, it’s the little things people.

-Trying to avoid using the microwave after I’ve cleaned it. And realizing only a few days later it’s back to it’s original state of yucky.

-I changed my email password 11 months ago and I still type in my old password every single time. Thank you, gmail, for reminding me just how long I’ve been doing that. Yep, right down to the day.

Just a few things that have been on my mind throughout today. Hope you enjoyed and at least laughed about the mailbox story. I’m still cracking myself up about how funny that ordeal would look if someone caught it on camera. Too bad:)


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