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iPhone dump & a few Highlights

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We have monthly “team meetings” at work and each month they award the “Team Player” award. You get a really nice plaque to bring home, a gift card, and the “pig pass.” The pig pass, first of all, is adorable, but also it means you can turn it in anytime 48 hours before your shift to get a day off! Pretty fun, right! I have to say that I left that meeting feeling so loved and thankful for my job and my coworkers. Not only did I receive a really encouraging gift, but also a coworker asked me about something I told her about several months ago and took the time to sit down and pray with me before I left. How incredible to be looked after and encouraged so well even at work!! So, so thankful and so, so blessed by those people. Thank you!!!
My sweet friend Becky turned 22 last week! I made her a cute card (that an elementary school student could probably have done better… sorry Beck!!) and since it was too big, I made an envelope out of magazine pages! Took a few tries, but turned out okay:)

Speaking of Becky… she also asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! She made each of us these adorable painted boxes and filled them with a CD, scraps of inspiration for the wedding, and all the details we could ever need to know!! Looks like Jake and I are headed to Texas in late May to celebrate the soon-to-be-Littles getting married!!!

My celebration of messy hair… it’s time to just embrace it, people.

And of course… I voted this week in my first election! And as a Tennessee voter, at that! And that’s all I’m going to say about the election.


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