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The Prodigal Parable: A Response (in poetry y’all!)


My Prodigal Son class required that we turn in a creativity project, and last night we all shared our projects. It was so encouraging to see my classmates using their giftings to respond to the parable. We saw sketches, paintings, a pastel drawing, typography poster, music video, skit, board game, sculpture, gingerbread house re-creation  & heard several poems and songs. Like I said, it was moving and super encouraging. I even scored a copy of the typography poster! Whoo!

Here is the poem I shared last night. I knew I wanted to write a poem from the get-go, but it took a few months to get some ideas swimming around. A sermon from a few weeks ago really inspired me and connected some dots, thus the poetry writing began. Pastor Clint preached from Judges about the cycle of peace-sin-oppression-repentance-restoration-peace that we all go through, which is especially clear in Judges. The cool part is that God is faithful to his people and patient throughout that cycle, waiting for us to return to him in repentance. So cool and really encouraging and reminded me a lot of the parable. The poem has since morphed a lot, but this is where it is stationed now.

The Prodigal Parable: A Response
Lauren Albrecht

At night I remember you,
Even praise and thank you, but
Come morning I’ve forgotten you,
Occupied instead with who, when, why, and what.

Coffee, clothes, class conflict
Deadlines, duties, disappointments prohibit
My mind from bringing you into it,
Instead it stays centered on me and my benefit.

Oh, how easily I follow
Willingly chasing what appears fulfilling
Seeking love and approval leaves me hollow
Because I already have both in you

Oh, that my want be better directed to
my eyes be locked on
my heart be empty apart from you

For night again returns to me
Along with a reminder
I’ve forgotten He,
He who loves me so prodigally

How can I forget so easily?

Oh, Prodigal God, steal my heart
Away from my prodigal wants
And reel me back to you, back to my start.

Back to community with the One
Who gave his life for me—the God who loves so prodigally,
The God who calls me his Son.

What an extravagant love you have for me,
So graciously you wait for me,
God I hate the way I live for me,
Thank you for waiting so patiently.

Thank you for calling me Son.


2 thoughts on “The Prodigal Parable: A Response (in poetry y’all!)

  1. Lauren, I really loved your poem. It was very moving and thought provoking for me. Thanks!

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