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So You Like My Tree Skirt?


Thanks!! Me too!!

But I can’t take all the credit… I totally got the idea from Pinterest. Busted, I know.

However, I did spend a lot of time on it, so I will accept your compliments and continue enjoying myself while I sip my coffee and admire how precious our tree looks with that beautiful skirt underneath it.

So pretty, right??

So pretty, right??

Any-hoo, in case you didn’t bother following the link to the original tutorial, I’ll let you know what I did.

I bought the cheapest tree skirt I could find, since we didn’t already have one I could use as a base for this project.


Not cute, I know, but totally perfect for this project. I had a lot of leftover burlap from other projects, so I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought 2 yards of a deep, pretty red color. This is a NO-SEW tree skirt project, by the way. Glorious, right?

Then I started hot gluing the pretty red fabric to the ugly skirt, starting with the outermost rim. I started each row at the slit in the skirt, that way I could still open up the skirt to get it around the tree afterwards:). I glued small sections of fabric at a time and folded the fabric over at the top to create the ruffled look. I continued all the way around until I came back to the slit, and then I started the next layer with the burlap. I repeated this over and over until the whole skirt was finished!

Completed Skirt

Sounds easy enough, right? And it was! However, this project honestly took about 5 hours, so if you’re planning to do one similar to this one, block off some serious time!I was also really sore afterwards from sitting hunched over on the floor for so long working on this… ha! And I went through a TON of glue sticks. And I mean a ton.


It’s also rather huge, and since I liked where we already had the tree (I didn’t want to pull it out any farther from the wall), I just folded the back of the skirt under so it lines up with the wall. You can’t really tell, and it works for us! This skirt will look great with a bigger tree in years to come, as well!Pretty

When I was searching for a cheap skirt to start out with, I saw skirts priced from $25-$35! All in all, this skirt cost about $15 between the original ugly skirt, the red fabric, and some extra glue sticks. I’d say that’s a win because this one is way cuter than many of the other ones I saw while shopping! :)


And what could possibly scream Christmas more than this pretty picture?!


*Disclaimer: I am sorry that I’m completely obsessed with our Christmas tree and all I ever want to do is look at it, take pictures of it, and repeat.


5 thoughts on “So You Like My Tree Skirt?

  1. Hey Lady! I’ve been lurking on your blog :) LOVE the tree skirt- your crafty ways are inspiring much like your joy and faith! Miss you!- Ans

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  3. Is each piece of fabric in long rectangle shapes?

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