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Awkward & Awesome Thursday



This face. AKA me trying to get away from Jacob's foot.

This face. AKA me trying to get away from Jacob’s foot.

-Clicking the unlock button on my car keys to unlock the front door of our apartment.

-Running from our front door to the dumpster in my pajamas to take the trash out because I didn’t want to change just for that reason… As far as I know, no one saw me. :)

-Walking up to the car in the parking lot, only to realize it wasn’t mine when I tried the handle and it wouldn’t unlock.

-Trying to cook with butternut squash yesterday. How the heck do you peel the skin off of that thing?! Talk about a mess all over the place.

-Speaking of cooking, why do we ever use chicken thighs? If trimming the fat off of those suckers wasn’t the biggest wake-up call to hit the gym, I don’t know what could be. It was really gross. I think I’ll stick to chicken breasts from here on out…


So and So

My Storytelling class put on our “Buffalo Tales Storytelling Event” last week and it was a blast! We all got to share our favorite story we told from class and we got a great crowd!

-Receiving an A on my big research paper in my Communications Law & Ethics Class!

-Laughing with my husband and enjoying a nice dinner together this week:)

-Christmas break officially starts today! I kicked it off by returning from my last exam (it started at 8am!) and immediately snuggling back into bed for another hour. Life is goooooood.

-Speaking of Christmas break, although I’m picking up a lot of extra shifts at work, I will have about 50% more free time… and I’ve decided I’m going to use that time to get in the Word, exercise, get my craft on, and relax. Maybe even read a book or two for fun. The goal is to make this month rejuvenating.

(Awkward & Awesome is an idea borrowed from Sydney @ The Daybook)


2 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. My little tip about butternut squash… if you cut it in half first, then microwave each half for a few minutes, either the peel will come off easier or you can just scoop the flesh away from the skin!

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