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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

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-The fact I’m in my pajamas every. single. time. the mail lady or FedEx guy comes up to the door to deliver a package. That’s also the time when I realize just how much the television is BLARING.

-I worked a lunch shift last week for the first time in probably six months… and it showed. When I greeted my first table, I brought them their silverware, checked over their receipt to see if I needed to make any salads, and then told them to “enjoy their meal”… which they didn’t have yet. They looked at me blankly so I tried to recover by saying, “Which I will bring out to you as soon as it’s ready!”…………….. duh. I sounded like an idiot. I also said “Good afternoon!” to them when it was still morning, which they also very kindly pointed out to me. Great.

-Not knowing we had a roast beef sandwich on our lunch menu (this is what I get for only working dinners all the time… rusty.) and stammering all over the place in response to the customer.

-My server book with all my money, receipts, pictures, Bible tracks I’ve received (yeah, for some reason I’ve kept those for fun?) and the rest of the junk I keep in it falling and scattering all across the floor on my way to deliver a drink to a table. Mind you, he was the only customer in the entire restaurant at that time and this fiasco occurred right in front of him. That felt good.

-I thought THAT was really awkward until the NEXT night when I spilled my entire server book into the TRASH CAN and across the floor. That got the attention of an entire table, who proceeded to watch (and laugh) while I dug through the trash to find my receipts and cash that fell inside…

-A party of 13 asked me to sing our dessert menu to them… Seriously??? That is so awkward. And embarrassing. And mostly just awkward. I didn’t do it. Maybe the most awkward part is that after they left I wished I had?


-Have I mentioned Christmas BREAK?! Trying to soak this one in, seeing as it is the last one I’ll have ever.

-Coming home from work one night last week to see Jacob had wrapped presents for me and put them under the tree! Not only was I excited about just the presents themselves, but he also used pretty paper to wrap them (that coordinates with the rest of the presents) and tied ribbons around them!!!! Ribbons!! With bows! I also have these cute little tag cutout things (from the wedding) that I’ve been using to label the presents, and he even punched those out and labeled the presents! My heart melted from his serious effort to go along with my Christmas cuteness. Gosh, I love that man.

-I got all A’s this semester! Woop!

-We had a WONDERFUL Christmas with Jacob’s side of our family, and now we’re looking forward to Christmas in Ohio with my side next week!! Counting down the days!

(Awkward & Awesome is an idea borrowed from Sydney @ The Daybook)


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