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Post-Christmas Present Reveal Pt. 2



My mother-in-law, Teresa, had me stumped for a while. Here’s (part of) what I came up with!


Granted, that is OUR door, not my in-laws, but I needed somewhere to display that pretty wreath for pictures:).

Wreath 2I can’t tell you the second part of her gift until after we see my parents, because I made one for my mom, too!

However, I must give a shout-out to Mosby and her mom for helping me via picture text while I picked out the arrangement for the wreath. I sent her picture after picture at Michael’s because I was shooting for a winter-not-Christmas-not-fall looking wreath… and I struggled. I just like browns and golds too much!

ProcessThe biggest picture is the arrangement I ended up buying. The brownest one was my first, but it was way too fall-ish.

Do you think the wreath looks like a “winter-but-not-Christmas-or-fall” wreath?

I’ll post the second half of her gift and the rest of the handmade Christmas gifts after we celebrate with my parents! Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Present Reveal Pt. 2

  1. Love it and I am so glad we could help:))

  2. That wreath is gorgeous! I’d hang it all year round it’s so beautiful!

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