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Post-Christmas Reveal Pt. 3

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This post is so delayed because we didn’t do Christmas with my parents until just yesterday!! I put together little “gift basket” type gifts for both of them. Last year I made my dad a “mustache mug” and it turned out to be quite a hit! So I made them BOTH some fancy mugs this year.

Mugs & Pen

I got the mugs from Target, just like the one from last year. It’s the perfect size for them to get maximum coffee from their Keurig.


**Please note the paint pen I used was NOT a regular sharpie… I tried that dumb idea that’s been all over Pinterest, but the Sharpie just wiped off every time. Very frustrating. So, I re-did the mugs with this pen, let them sit for 24 hours, and then baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I left them in the oven to cool for another hour or two and then they were ready to go!

Dad's 2

I thought Dad might get a kick out of this one. :)


And Mom’s fancy mug. There isn’t a mustache for her… but since there are now 2 mustache mugs at the house, I thought hers should be a little different. And it’s like a “good morning” from me every morning!



Hope y’all had a WONDERFUL Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!:)


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