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Throwback Thursday

…to the week before our wedding! Just thought I’d like to share some pictures from our wedding shower in Ohio!

All the engaged girls!! 3 of us are married now!:) (We’re sitting in order of wedding date left to right LOL! Dorks, I know)

The beautiful hosts!:)

What a fun day!!


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Bands and a Few Thoughts for Sarah Kaiser:)

 12 days from today Jacob & I will exchange these rings and say I do.

We still can’t believe it’s finally this close:). It seems like we’ve been counting down for so long-8 months to go, 6 months, 4 months, etc- that it didn’t seem like it would ever actually get here. Well, it’s here! So that means projects are in full swing & last minute details will have us running all across, down, and around town for the next week and a half.

I’m back in Springboro for the days leading up to the wedding and Jacob will come into town on Friday. We had a great shower from the ladies at Cross Roads Christian Church yesterday (thank you so much!) and left feeling so blessed and very, very showered with gifts!

This week Jacob has some projects to finish up for the wedding back in Tennessee and I’ll be finishing up the centerpieces, finalizing & printing the programs, and meeting with every person involved in the big day–the musicians, photographer, tent/chair/table rental business, etc… it’s time to write those last checks!

We’re also finalizing our apartment lease and will sign it this week, hopefully!

So, how are we doing? you might ask (this is for you Sarah)? We are growing and seeing a lot of sin, but choosing to love each other anyway. We’ve struggled with not meeting each other’s expectations in pretty much every facet of wedding planning in some way or another, learning to communicate better and being really honest with each other. We’ve struggled with jealousy and I’ve struggled with comparing our relationship, apartment, jobs, income, relationships with Jesus–the list just keeps going on–with several of our married or engaged friends. Honestly, it’s been messy and not loving to Jacob and more importantly not out of a heart that is satisfied and fully confident in the Lord.

So what, we don’t have a dishwasher and it’s a one-bedroom apartment? Praise God we have somewhere to live on our own and a place to show hospitality to others! Why in the WORLD am I concerned with the size, layout, and convenience of our apartment in comparison to our friends when, honestly, it’s not all about us. It’s about God. Just like our wedding day. And every day, for that matter. Our wedding is not about us; it’s about God. And how could my deceitful heart ever desire it to be any other way? Lord, may the gospel be heard and believed true in our hearts and our friends’ and family’s hearts on June 16!

I have been experiencing, learning about, and drinking in the Lord’s patience and faithfulness toward me during a season when it is so easy to throw a big party that is “all about me” and “my day.” Oh, how I pray that our day can be His day–a day when we will celebrate the truth, freedom, and beauty of the gospel and that Jesus is coming back for us all soon and very soon! Jacob, I am so excited to marry you! And I am so excited to experience with you a marriage that is a shadow of the marriage that we already have with Christ and will experience to its fullest some day soon.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends (1 Cor 13:7-8a).

God, your love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, and never ends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so thankful to experience this great journey and shadow of something even greater with my best friend and soon-to-be-husband. It’s been hard and messy, but beautiful. Oh, how He does make beautiful things out of us.


Wedding Things

After 2 failed post office attempts, today is finally the day to send our invitations!

And among other exciting wedding things… my friends at Milligan are throwing me a bridal shower this weekend! My sweet friends Mosby, Lauren, and Erica have been planning away and finally told me when to be ready! I found this invitation on my desk a few days ago:)

I’m excited to celebrate with my friends this weekend! Thank you for making me feel loved and showering Jacob & me this weekend!

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Christian hope in sexuality, singleness, and marriage

I listened to this sermon by Tim Keller this morning and was so encouraged by the truths unveiled in it. It pertains to anyone–single, dating, engaged, or married–and is something worth spending some quality time listening to and talking about.

“The gospel says that human sexuality is a dim reflection of what it is going to be like to fall into the arms of the Lord on the final day–that’s the Lover we need. That’s the closure we need! Even the foretaste of it now, if you have it, and you have some sense of His love on your heart, that radically frees you and puts sex and love in the right proportion in your life.” -Keller

“Unless you make me your One True Love, Jesus says, you’re either going to be too desperate for romance and you’re going to put all the deepest hopes of your heart in finding that one true love, which means you’re going to be desperately looking all the time and you’re going to stay with the wrong kind of people too long. And if you do get married, you’re practically going to smother the person under your expectations and no human being can do that. OR, you’re going to be so scared of it. You’re going to avoid it. You’re going to by cynical about love and marriage. Make Me your one true love or you’ll never know it.” -Keller

Those are just some tidbits that got me thinking.

Please, listen. Look into your heart and analyze what’s going on. Be encouraged by the hope and the freedom we have  in Christ.


We’re engaged!!

We went to Myrtle Beach with Jacob’s family last week, and he asked me to marry him on June 30:). I am very excited to spend the next months planning our wedding, but, much more than that, I’m ready for a time of growth and refinement with my fiance.

Father, make us more like your son. May this time in our lives be centered on you and bathed in the gospel. Sanctify us through each other and teach us of your love for us. Ultimately, Jesus, you are our Bridegroom and we are your Bride… may our wedding and our marriage be a reflection of that truth. May our sights be set on you more than anything or anyone else, including each other. Humble us to take counsel from people wiser and more experienced than we are… we have much to learn. Father, thank you for Jacob! Prepare me to be a godly wife for him. Teach me and lead me in the gospel. I love you, Father. Thank you for the freedom we have through Christ! Today I’m remembering and praising you for that truth. Amen.