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Christian hope in sexuality, singleness, and marriage

I listened to this sermon by Tim Keller this morning and was so encouraged by the truths unveiled in it. It pertains to anyone–single, dating, engaged, or married–and is something worth spending some quality time listening to and talking about.

“The gospel says that human sexuality is a dim reflection of what it is going to be like to fall into the arms of the Lord on the final day–that’s the Lover we need. That’s the closure we need! Even the foretaste of it now, if you have it, and you have some sense of His love on your heart, that radically frees you and puts sex and love in the right proportion in your life.” -Keller

“Unless you make me your One True Love, Jesus says, you’re either going to be too desperate for romance and you’re going to put all the deepest hopes of your heart in finding that one true love, which means you’re going to be desperately looking all the time and you’re going to stay with the wrong kind of people too long. And if you do get married, you’re practically going to smother the person under your expectations and no human being can do that. OR, you’re going to be so scared of it. You’re going to avoid it. You’re going to by cynical about love and marriage. Make Me your one true love or you’ll never know it.” -Keller

Those are just some tidbits that got me thinking.

Please, listen. Look into your heart and analyze what’s going on. Be encouraged by the hope and the freedom we have  in Christ.


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Jesus Christ was decreated so we could be recreated.

Tim Keller spoke at the Gospel Coalition Conference this past week in Chicago. I’ve been listening to some of the sermons from the week and this one rocked my world.

You should check it out. Click here.